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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You didnt even know he was drafted. Your logic about smith is all over the place. Alex smith was a bad to mediocre QB. Singletary and nolan did him no favors. The switch you're talking about? Ya that's Jim Harbaugh. He knew how to utilize smith. He knew his strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is watch the DIFFERENCE in the offenses smith was running. He got better cause someone knew how to play him in an offense that benefited him. You assume he rode the bench as a rookie? He was INJURED. Nolan took him out because of that. 2nd year? Well he played every single snap during that season. So your "riding the bench" assumption is about as stupid as not knowing he was drafted by the niners.

WTF is wrong with your assumption he is a good qb ? other than your wrong............The Niners added talent around the guy and then and only then he got better..................

Since your such a smartass go look up how many games he played and how many he rode the bench before the last two years ? He has been benched multiple times.

**** no I didn't remeber he was drafted by the Niners cause I don't give a chit about them..............

You a-holes thinking he will play in KC like he did in SF without the same talent are clueless.

If your gonna deny the talent went up dramatically in SF and thats when Alex Smith got better but that wasn't why then you truly are drunk or stupid or both.

He doesn't have the support cast in KC,,,,,dumbass

The difference in the offences is ALEX SMITH BECAME A GAME MANAGER.....UNDER Harbough............

**** you even Trent Dilfer looked servicable once upon a time...........lets here your stupid excuses for him.

Smith is a game manager on a good football team and sucks without a high level of talent around him .

Unless you want to deny recent history go F yourself............cause these are the facts.

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