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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I don't really see a big problem like that now though do you? The crime then was spilling into the streets with brazen gunman.
As it is now. Just not in your neighborhood.

Our justice system and police have gotten so good ours is kept much more out of the view of everyday ordinary Americans.

So we don't have to make weed illegal because of that.
Oh goodie. Since most middle-class and rich Americans are insulated from the violence created by the drug war we should just pretend there's no problem. Good thinking!

I don't care is it is impossible to completely enforce. Its hard to enforce rape also but that doesn't mean govt should figure that out and stop enforcing it.
And you just won the Most Moronic Analogy of the Year award. Congratulations!

You try your best to enforce laws that make us safer and are needed for the public good. You don't just make them based on what is easy to enforce.
Yes and busting some dude minding his own business smoking weed in his living room sure makes us all a lot safer!

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