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I've lived mostly in Baja Mexico for the last 25 years. In this country it is very hard to get permission to own a firearm so most of the civilian population are unarmed and the thing is everyone knows it. Drug dealers have guns, plenty of them thanks to Fast & Furious. They know they can walk into any house they fancy and have their way with the people in that house. The unarmed masses know how at risk they are, for most it's not a good way to live.

I sit here in awe that some of you living in the USA argue to give up your arms. You might say, " I have never owned a gun and have never had a problem ". To you I say It makes a very big difference to a would be attacker that it is very possible you may be armed and will think twice before walking in. You give up your guns to "save the children" the opposite will happen you will have put at risk every child, woman and man to the mercy of a heavily armed criminal element.

I think those of you that would offer up your weapons as some Kumbaya gesture to save the children serves to show just how far the dumbing down of America has progressed.

Know this, there are those that would love to take away your guns and God help you if they succeed.

Maybe you just haven't thought it through.

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