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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
The Broncos run a 4-3 Under. One side is like a 3-4, and the other side is like a 4-3. That is something you don't understand. I don't hate Knighton, I just don't like him at 3-tech.

The Broncos Defense is a hybrid of both 3-4 and 4-3 (a 4-3 Under). Neither Knighton, nor Vickerson 'require' a double-team. Wolfe sometimes does. If you don't have a true impact NT (a guy who requires a double-team), it would be much more preferable to me to have a guy who can beat one-on-one matchups consistently. Wolfe can. Vickerson can't. The jury is out on Pot Roast, but his career history gives no indication that he's an impact player. That's exactly why I would rather have kept Dumervil (instead of wasting money on non-impact players like Knighton), have Wolfe play at 3-tech almost all the time, Malik Jackson, Robert Ayers (or a draft pick) play 5-tech, and Vickerson play NT.

The Broncos only play an odd front 35% of the time...why waste nearly $5M on two guys (Vickerson/Knighton), who are basically the same player?...And release a perennial Pro Bowler? They could have, and should have done more to keep Dumervil, but their hands are tied because they have signed way to many marginal FA's to over-priced contracts, when there are already better players (like Wolfe and Dumervil) on the roster.

I would much prefer this base defense (which would collapse the pocket quickly):
Dumervil, Wolfe, Vickerson, Ayers, Miller

To the one we are now stuck with (almost no pass-rush ability outside of Miller):
Ayers, Knighton, Vickerson, Wolfe, Miller

Now the Broncos have to waste a 1st round draft pick on a RDE.
Ok, I did a quick search about Knighton getting double teamed because for whatever reason you claim he doesn't get double teamed. Here's this article: Please note where it says this:

Terrance is frequently double teamed. Tyson Alualu jumps around. So what he see happening is three things. First, Terrance forms a wall for Aaron Kampman to come around. Terrance pushes the double team back and Aaron sneaks around back. We got a sack against Miami that way. Second is a stunt with Tyson where they cross. Third, if Terrance is single teamed, he pushes the guy into the backfield. They are teaching him a lot of different items, but I donít expect a lot of sacks from him

Then there's this article: Please note this particular part:

Smith said he expects Knight to be better, and to regularly draw the sort of double teams that allow for the other tackles to have one-on-one matchups with guards who should be beaten.

Knighton was expected to draw double teams when the Jags drafted him, that's what JDR expected from him and nothing has changed. Just because you claim he won't draw double teams does not make it so. Sorry.
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