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Originally Posted by Durango View Post
Don't agree. Reid will build up Alex Smith to become as good as Alex Smith could possibly be. Granted, that will never be anywhere near a Peyton Manning, but Reid has a pretty solid track record with QBs.I read some time ago that Brett Favre credits Reid for turning around his career.

Reid scares me in this division. The Raiders? Meh.
All Reid has done for most of his coaching career is produce choke artist qbs that play average or just above and show their true colors come playoffs. Game managers. Granted hes put together some real good teams with a lot of talent around. I think its more about the teams he builds up on both sides of the ball. He isn't bad with qbs, and I'm sure Smith will fit right in managing the game for him. The one guy I think of having a solid track record with qbs is Shanny. He could almost make any qb look great.

If there is one team in the West that is a threat, its definitely the Chefs.
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