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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Price, Knighton is the NT he was signed to upgrade Bannan..

You don't even know how important Wolfe is to Miller. You take such a basic look at things and say oh Doom, Wolfe, Vickerson, Ayers should be our base D. That would be very easily gashed in the run game. Wolfe will play inside when it matters the most, passing downs. You don't even know who plays where and how and why our scheme works, and how Wolfe plays as a 3-4 DE similar to Justin Smith, and frees up Miller.
I take offense to your comments.

1. I know Wolfe plays in the 5-tech in the base defense (which the Broncos play 35% of the time). As I've stated a million times, he's not good there. I rewatched Defensive plays so many times this season it made my eyes bleed. A faster player is necessary at that position (someone like Datone Jones). And no, it's not necessary for Wolfe to play by Von Miller. It is necessary for a strong, powerful, and fast player who can beat NFL OT's, or split the RG/OT, to play at that position. Wolfe plays the run well in the base Defense, but is a complete liability in the passing game when lining up against an OT. He's too far away from the QB (at 5-tech) to make a difference.

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
You know who runs a very similar scheme.. Seattle.
Your own words buddy. Look at the picture. Study it.

As you can see, the Seattle/Broncos base Defense deployed a LEO (Dumervil), 3-tech (Bannan), 1-tech (Vickerson), 5-tech (Wolfe), and SAM (Miller). If you have any questions about this, rewatch the games, look at online depth whatever it takes. Vickerson lined up next to Wolfe, and Bannan lined up next to Dumervil.

I am quite aware of every single player on the Broncos and what position they play. I have been one of the world's biggest Bronco fans for over 30 years. I'm also an Electrical Engineer, and pay close attention to detail. Don't insult me.

3. By your own admission, the LB's were 'weak and undersized'. MIKE needed to be upgraded. Woodyard can't fight through blocks very well. You don't sign a big, mediocre 3-tech (Knighton), just to hold off Offensive Lineman from your puny slow MIKE. Get a better MIKE. 3-tech's are not meant to play like NT's. They are meant to crash through the OL and MAKE PLAYS. Upgrading MIKE won't happen now that the Broncos need a 4-3 DE to replace Dumervil. Upgrading the 3-tech in the base Defense (to Wolfe) won't happen either until JDR moves on....which is a shame.

4. In a 4-3 Under (what the Broncos, and Seahawks play in base defense), one side plays like a 3-4 (usually Vickerson, Wolfe, Miller), and the right side plays like a 4-3 (Bannan, Dumervil). Losing Dumervil will probably cost the Broncos an opportunity of a Superbowl because they don't have enough fingers to plug the holes in the dike. Dumervil is a Pro Bowl RDE in the prime of his career...and worth every penny.

5. Ayers is not a good LEO. He's a strongside 4-3 DE, or backup.

6. Knighton is not a good 3-tech. Good 3-tech's get 7+ sacks a year. Knighton has 7 sacks in his entire career. He's a remotely disruptive big DT (like Vickerson).

7. Vickerson is not a good 1-tech. He is not strong/athletic enough to require a double-team, and doesn't overpower single coverage. At least he's a solid, and I like him.

8. Wolfe is not a good 5-tech. He's too slow, and not dynamic enough to beat NFL OT's in passing situations. But he is a good 3-tech.

9. Irving is not a good MIKE. He's unproven and slow. So far he is a backup. Could have drafted Te'o/Brown in the 1st...can't now.

10. Adams is not a good SS. Could have drafted an upgrade, but it will be tough to do considering all the other positions that need upgraded.

11. Need an upgrade at RB. Maybe they will get lucky and draft Johnathan Franklin in the 2nd. Leaving the main problem from 2012 (MIKE, and SS) completely unaddressed.

12. All the Broncos had to do was keep Dumervil and move Wolfe to 3-tech...they utterly failed and now have holes EVERYWHERE, with players playing out of position and backups starting...with not enough draft picks to do anything about it.

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