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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I'm an IT Consultant, didn't read the whole thread so sorry if this was already shared.

Always backup your work. If your writing a Word doc or Spread Sheet save it with a file name when you create it then hit save frequently. Also save your most important files to a 2nd source and a 3rd offsite source if it is very important. Never know when you will lose power. This goes for those who write code or config gear.
Thats good advice even for me and my band stuff i have to do. I transcribe and write a lot of horn parts for my students, different bands, my band and it sucks to work on something for an hour and then lose it. So I have learned back up and save every 10-15 minutes when working on something important.

I don't know if we talked before but my dad worked in the space program. His cameras were on the spacecraft that crashed into mars over a metric to decimal conversion or some math thing. I bet they wished they had saved and checked their work over. My dad always told me check your work, then check it two more times. So even though I'm not an engineer I always make sure all my notes are right when I write parts out.

last thing you want is someone hitting the brown note.
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