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Here's a pretty good indicator of how market forces are shifting: After six months of rumors, last week T-Mobile pulled the trigger and dumped contract plans altogether, now selling monthly only.

You have to feel for the poor bastards, they shut down advertising and 4G development for 6-plus months leading up to their merger with AT&T, which made sense until the Justice Department (surprisingly) sued for anti-trust and won - nixing the merger. This was the tail-end of 2011/early 2012, a critical period when 4G was really ramping up ... they missed the boat and since then their market share has plummeted. T-Mobile is a Seattle company, and they're laying off (Tatum Bell should be ok though, he's a commissioned salesperson).


** Anybody with a Sprint HTC EVO 4g, with a back cover like the picture, lemme know, I have 2 brand new hi-cap batteries I'll send you.
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