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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post

how do you know they will rape another girl if she wasn't there?

Because they raped her.....if they would do it to her, they'd have done it to someone else as well....she was the easiest victim.

were you at the party?

nope...were you?

do you know the two boys? you?

are they repeat offenders?

I admit I have no idea if this was the first time they raped/humiliated/defiled a girl...or the first time they got caught

do you know that this was a premeditated rape, that the boys plan to go to the party and rape the first girl they see? did you witness other girls passed out rolling on the ground?

I did not witness anything as I was not invited to the party, and I doubt the boys went to the party with the intention to rape a girl....but I also doubt they weren't thinking with their ***** either, and alcohol clouds judgement too. I do think that they saw this girl drunk and decided they could do whatever they wanted with her, and were egged on by their buddies, etc....

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