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What part of his game has diminished? Deep throws because he didn't throw deep on Baltimore? It wasn't because Baltimore played two deep Cover 2 forcing Peyton to have to settle for what was available underneath.

I seem to remember someone throwing deep balls during the year, against Baltimore on December 16th, I was at the game, which cause Baltimore to play two deep in the playoffs. It's not his arm strength, it's his nerve, he can't quiet grip the ball the same, whether that will improve or not remains to be seen. After last seasons incredible play, I wouldn't bet against him.. In fact I know he will be better this year.

I have history on my side. It is widely known that player ability drops with age. It's common sense. I saw it in Favre. Elway. Montana. Marino retired at 38. What was his reason? He didnt think his legs could handle another year. People get old man. Peyton is no different.
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