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Bmore Manning

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I'm not his critic. Actually I'm hated by some here because I disliked tebow so much. I was one of the most for manning coming here. But I can see reality of a persons age and what happens. Doesn't matter how great a shape you are in when you get into your late 30s your ability diminishes unless you're taking steroids. Pretty much why it's an age most retire at.
What part of his game has diminished? Deep throws because he didn't throw deep on Baltimore? It wasn't because Baltimore played two deep Cover 2 forcing Peyton to have to settle for what was available underneath.

I seem to remember someone throwing deep balls during the year, against Baltimore on December 16th, I was at the game, which cause Baltimore to play two deep in the playoffs. It's not his arm strength, it's his nerve, he can't quiet grip the ball the same, whether that will improve or not remains to be seen. After last seasons incredible play, I wouldn't bet against him.. In fact I know he will be better this year.
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