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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Ok, try to stay with me on this because I guess for you this is difficult to understand. The article clearly states that the reality of the Broncos defense is that it operates more like a 3-4 than a 4-3, regardless of if this is true or not, here's the deal with Knighten:

If Wolf lines up inside with Knighten, and Knighten gets double teamed, does this not leave Wolfe in a one-on-one situation? Wolfe, being the superior pass rusher, should be able to consistently beat whatever blocker is assigned to him, correct? Again, Knighten helps Wolfe by absorbing more attention from the opposing offensive line.

Your only valid argument about Knighten being a wasted FA pick up is IF opposing offensive lines double up Wolfe and leave Knighten in a one-on-one situation and Knighten can't take advantage of this. IF this is what you are saying, ok, but again, I like any of our defensive line guys, including Ayers, Jackson, Wolfe, Vickerson and yes Knighten in a one-on-one match up. Knighten is a huge DT/NT. He should be able to get inside pressure if he's blocked by one guy like a center or guard. Is he gonna do a swim move, or a quick spin move and simply get to the opposing QB with quickness, No. Is he gonna collapse the pocket and push the opposing offensive lineman back into the QB, yes. Regardless if Knighten gets a sack or not, his ability to create pressure by collapsing the pocket is what the Broncos are looking for, that is, if Knighten does not demand a double team.
wasn't Knighton brought in to be a run stuffing NT who can take on double teams? that's what i assume his role is in this defense.
therefor i don't give a **** if he can rush the passer so much as if i care that he forces double teams to his side and frees up Wolfe,Von or the other DE to have a one on one situation.

i'm agreeing with you, i was just to lazy to quote the other poster who's post was farther up
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