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Originally Posted by Denver724 View Post
Great points. I was thinking the same thing. I was posting this on another thread and a member said I was crazy. I just don't see how we can sign everyone. Were going to have to pick and choose. Thoughts on drafting a WR this year and let Decker walk in 2014 OR a CB this year and release Bailey in 2014?
i doubt we re-sign Adams, Ayers depends on his play the next couple of seasons and if he starts, Walton is replaceable, Beadles depends on Kuper and the market. Carter will likely be replaced by draft picks, we have enough depth, we just added DRC and Bolden should make a move this season and beyond to take over his spot on the DC.

Clady,Woodyard,Colquitt,Decker,Harris and Von are the priority contracts.
that's why it's crucial for the team to draft and develop well.
so far Elway has done great at this as has the coaching staff.
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