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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
They could be great in the future. But what kind of instant impact can a low round rookie make on a team that has basically a 1 year(2 at best) window to win a superbowl? I really think it was win now last year. And now that they didnt make it the picture is being drawn up a bit different. Preparing for life after manning. When manning was acquired I estimated he had 2 good years of football left before you see a considerable drop in production/retirement. If they were truly in win now they wouldve kept dumervil.
it's because they were in win now mode that he got bounced.
he had to take a pay cut for the team to afford him and the new FA moves.
he didn't and so they saved money and cut him.

all we need from a rookie DE is 40-50 tackles & 6-8 sacks and to be solid against the run.
Knighton and Wolfe can help force the double teams off of Von and if we find a nice MLB that will help as well.
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