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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Alcohol doesn't demotivate you as much as weed. In college guys would drink at night on weekends but still be good students during the week. But the stoners seemed to get so into you miss class and slack off during the whole week. Then on top of it they usually drink some also.

Weed makes people lazier and I think our govt worries about that some. Other dangerous things like ciggs and alcohol don't as much.
The reason the U.S. gave up on outlawing alcohol was because the ban was unenforceable and the side effects (organized crime, a large part of the populace engaged in criminal acts, etc.) were more destructive than the good that came from the ban. It's the same thing with drugs. Unfortunately, it seems to be taking us a much longer time for our government to wake up to the truth.

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