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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Either did Clinton or Bush SR. No President has the balls to deal with it. That is the smart move also. We deal with it by having a scorched earth counter strike policy. They step too far out of line by launching or using a nuclear device we scorch the whole country.

I don't know who is too blame for them getting a nuke and testing it but the chance to stop them sort of passed. What can we do no air strike would stop their program and would only lead to them shelling S Korea and a huge war. If that war goes nuclear we have to nuke them back. Its just crazy.

god forbid we make some mistake with Iran. I do believe Obama is last in like to stop them. Much like Clinton was the last who had a chance to stop n korea. But that could be bush sr i don't know. I do know by bush jr they had already tested a nuke so can't be his fault.
Oh but what about the poor oppressed N. Korean people don't we have a moral responsibility to to rescue them, after all moral obligation was the reason given to attack Iraq after "Saddam is al Qaeda" and Saddam has WMD and we will see a mushroom cloud in NYC any day now " didn't fly.
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