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I think Elway went public more because the agent was a joke. Think about it this guy had no other clients of note so the money is a big deal to him. Also if this agent takes less then Dooms value he won't get more clients. He needs to nail this contract! So he reads the Mane and sees things like Doom will get 10 million easy from other teams. just an example. But the point is he doesn't represent 10 other DE and have a good lifeline to what values really are. Elway probably got frustrated with him so he went public.

I loved Doom wish he was here but just can't be upset with my favorite team on this one. They have shown they are not cheap They seem willing to pay what guys are worth. I think the fact Doom had to take less shows that. Its not Elways fault they didn't get contract in to the team in time. Now that agent is done. Elway ruined him and saved the Broncos money in the process. He should have gave in to the Duke when he had the chance.

Doom can't wait to get you in coverage vs Welker and our TE. Can't blitz every down mr OLB.
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