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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Me and this guy never see eye to eye on politics but this is a dead nuts take on Doom and should be taken seriously.

Doom disappeared a lot against quality o lineman and then ran up his sack total against the bad ones.
I just think its funny he's calling me a homer basically. I'm no homer i will call out players i think aren't as good as they should be. I have a problem though with people think we were top of the league in defense because of doom. I think it was because of Del Rio and better coaching.

I am confident that 30 tackles and 11 sacks isn't a deal breaker for Denver. They will have to get more creative with letting miller rush from all over the field.

I bet as you see Miller grow as a player the broncos will move him around more and more. Don't be surprised if the Broncos don't look for OLB who can cover to play for Miller as he goes to DE on passing downs. Or they may just go extra dbacks who knows. But i think with Miller we can always make a QB worry about the rush.

To really seal the deal I think Broncos should look for bigger and more physical DT to give the guards fits and push up inside. Draft a new DE to groom and hopefully play 20-30 snaps a game this yr. Broncos dont need front 7 starters as much as they need some young guys who can play some on certain downs. Then hopefully you know at least one guy is special and starts first yr.
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