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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
Why don't you own up to it for last year instead of making excuses? You figure you'll own up to it next year? Please, you'll be crying about how we got robbed somehow if the scenario plays out the same. Be a man and admit Baltimore came in and took the game. They did, they outplayed us and they outcoached us. Be a man and admit it.
When i have I ever been one to make excuses for why Broncos lost. They lost last yr because they stunk it up in the Ravens game. Stink it up and you lose. I'm trying to figure out why you think I have anything to admit to lol.

Ravens got a couple nice calls that really helped them but i never said i thought Fox and CO made the right call running at the end instead of letting Manning win the game. Ravens were legit champs last yr i never said otherwise.

But we are talking about this year and they didn't get better. Also last yr they weren't all that great so I doubt getting worst helps them repeat.

I'd love for Denver to get Balt first game of the season. I am confident we can beat them.
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