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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
Dumervil isn't going to go out and say Elway hurt his feelings. I have no idea what happened with the fax, and don't think we'll ever know. I do think both the Broncos and Dumervil messed up during the negotiations: Dumervil and his agent for far too long insisting a "Pay cut" wasn't really an option. And Elway went too far with his public comments on the situation.

I do think his comments turned it into a deadline deal, but who really knows? Elway was obviously frustrated with how negotiations were going and for whatever reason decided going public with said frustrations was a good negotiating tactic. Backfired.

Now Dumervil is making less then he would have with the Broncos, has lost his legacy as a Broncos player (which seems to matter less and less to most players), and Denver needs to bring in some type of impact player in the draft at the position. The only winner was the Ravens, and they won big.
The league had a deadline... if Dumervil was still on our roster and no new agreement was signed when that deadline passed, the Broncos would have been (remained) obligated to pay Dumervil the full $12 million on the old contract. I really don't see where Dumervil or his agent thought they were in a bargaining position for "insistence that a pay cut wasn't an option"... of course it was an option and the team was going to do exactly what they did (cut Dumervil) but whatever.

The Ravens really didn't win either... they're gonna be in cap hell for the foreseeable future with overpaying Flacco. And trust me on this: they're gonna miss Boldin. His role in their playoff success cannot be overstated.
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