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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Since criminals don't obey laws (by definition), laws only restrict the law-abiding.

Time to repeal all laws.

You're an idiot......however to be honest, do we really need laws to tell people that stealing, raping, assaulting and murdering other people is wrong and frowned upon by society and humanity?

no law has ever stopped a crime from being committed.....morals do. My morals keep me from committing heinous crimes, not the law.

the difference is that while law abiding people don't commit murder, deal drugs, rape women and children, etc........some of them own AR-15's and 30 round magazines. Passing a law that immediately makes people who had never committed a crime criminals is pretty ****ing stupid wouldn't you agree?

Add in that this law will not prevent another mass shooting or any other gun crimes....why you can't see that it is a stupid law is beyond me.

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