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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Screw Dumberville he's not a Bronco anymore and it was his choice. If people want to pine over him go ahead. Me/ I watched the games and saw that he isn't a player to be feared anymore. in fact good LT can take him 1-1 no problem. Sure he will get his 10 sacks but only when he's team is in the lead. You watch Ravens offense is going to not be as good this year. They will be in close games. The Ravens got run on last yr and now have replaced Kruger with Doom which will keep run defense about the same.

Ravens will be in close games and teams will run on the Ravens. He won't get as many good chances to pin ears back as he did in Denver.

Me and this guy never see eye to eye on politics but this is a dead nuts take on Doom and should be taken seriously.

Doom disappeared a lot against quality o lineman and then ran up his sack total against the bad ones.
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