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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I don't believe the bull****. China has a long history of bull****ting. With China, I know one thing: What the man on the street wants doesn't mean ****.
Lmao, do you know what its like to live one day in the shoes of a Chinese government official? You go to the fanciest restaurants, nicest bars, you have some hot european model wife and your kids go to Harvard. Do you know where all this money comes from? International private interests, from U.S. companies, European companies, Japanese companies.

Sounds terrible doesn't it? Really makes you want to build a big military and push others around.

Do you know who actually wants Chinese hegemony and military development? Chinese citizens! That's right.

You're talking about a people who have constantly experienced invasions for thousands of years from "babarians" (including mongols, manchurians, the united western forces in the opium wars and Japan).

This group of impoverished people used to starve under a corrupt ruling class that eventually got kicked off the mainland onto a little island called Taiwan, along with the ruling elite that they consider greedy and corrupt.

This group is particularly pissed off at the fact that their own navy can't keep America's 7th fleet outside of their own backyard, as pissed as you or I would be if we lived on the coasts in the early 1800's and saw the British Royal Navy parading around American docks for "peace keeping" missions.

The Chinese people, the poor, are the ones that care about pride and nationalism, their government officials, are concerned about only 1 thing - money, because they are hard core capitalists.

Ask any expert on the area and they'll tell you that growing nationalism among the "common people" that you say are not heard over there is the primary pressure internally for central government to build up their military.

Go to China, watch how the common people make fun of their own government as incapable of being strong and projecting Chinese influence the way that America does.

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