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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
I don't know that scared ****less is the right terminology as Chinese military spending per year is roughly equivalent to Japan, the UK, France, and Russia combined. If they keep spending at such a high rate, only the U.S. will really be able to push them around out there. Example of what that military spending is leading to:

I think China welcomes Japan getting aggressive, because then Japan can't play the victim card, and the U.S. can't as easily get involved.

I just don't see NK as a player in this area, they are the little kid no one pays attention to.
Yeah, China is certainly trying to regain their sphere of influence and expand it in East Asia, South Asia, and the Western Pacific. NK is a pawn as Roh said above.

IMO, NK is kind of a dangerous pawn for them to play. China supported the UN resolutions for sanctions after NK went nuclear, but they continue to support NK economically. They're playing a dangerous game because Beijing is within range of nuclear missiles from NK. China is playing a dangerous game with NK.
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