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The window when he got here was 3. Anything more is wishful thinking that he will find the fountain of youth. This is year 2. Which makes it 2 years at best to win. Elway last year said it was win now. This year he's saying its not. They were really banking on the SB appearance being last year. Those short term deals have less to do with winning now and more to do with long term positioning. The dumervil situation to me imposes the win now mode was last year. Past. Not present.
They are in a win-now-without-mortgaging-the-future mode. The deals have to do with winning now AND future positioning. Otherwise why make the signings?

I don't see why Manning wouldn't be able to play into his 40's. He's a cerebral qb so the physical degradation is less important, and his skills will get better as he regenerates the nerves. I hope brock waits awhile because a manning team is a Super Bowl contender every year...regardless of what some bums here say
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