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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I believe the current Kim was the only one of Jong-Il's sons that DID NOT embrace the West. He was the youngest of them all, right? I read something about Jong-Il's sons going playboy in Switzerland, Macau, on Facebook, etc., but Jong-Un came back from school in Switzerland and stayed in NKorea, and that's why he was chosen as the new Super-Commander.

Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see how this all plays out. East Asia is kind of a hotspot. Lot's of big players in geopolitics in that region, strong economies with Japan, China, SKorea, lots of oil, and of course Russia wants to stay a big player in that region as well as the US.

Japan keeps trying to amend their constitution to be more of an offensive military, and China/NKorea is scared sh*tless of that happening. Throw in the Phillipines also, they have a Muslim insurgency and have had conflicts with China. China has their fingers on the Phillipines for sure.
I don't know that scared ****less is the right terminology as Chinese military spending per year is roughly equivalent to Japan, the UK, France, and Russia combined. If they keep spending at such a high rate, only the U.S. will really be able to push them around out there. Example of what that military spending is leading to:

I think China welcomes Japan getting aggressive, because then Japan can't play the victim card, and the U.S. can't as easily get involved.

I just don't see NK as a player in this area, they are the little kid no one pays attention to.

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