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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
Always have to wonder how much of this has to do with internal politics. Initially there was some thought that the new Kim having been in the West for a period might be open to actual reform - there was almost some hope when he initially took over. I wonder if this was a concern among the generals too and now Kim is being forced back into the old pattern to keep the generals happy and himself in power.

I think this shows that we have another long long wait on our hands for any real reforms in NK. It would take a charismatic leader to actually get the generals out of their old ways of thinking and this young Kim does not inspire much confidence does he?
I believe the current Kim was the only one of Jong-Il's sons that DID NOT embrace the West. He was the youngest of them all, right? I read something about Jong-Il's sons going playboy in Switzerland, Macau, on Facebook, etc., but Jong-Un came back from school in Switzerland and stayed in NKorea, and that's why he was chosen as the new Super-Commander.

Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see how this all plays out. East Asia is kind of a hotspot. Lot's of big players in geopolitics in that region, strong economies with Japan, China, SKorea, lots of oil, and of course Russia wants to stay a big player in that region as well as the US.

Japan keeps trying to amend their constitution to be more of an offensive military, and China/NKorea is scared sh*tless of that happening. Throw in the Phillipines also, they have a Muslim insurgency and have had conflicts with China. China has their fingers on the Phillipines for sure.
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