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Moore and Jones are going to do very well in the pros and pretty well in their rookie years. too much is put in their workouts, they were never "freak" athletes, they play fairly fast on tape but IMO Moore will be the best pure DE pass rusher from this draft. a few of the tweener LB/DE types will get a ton of sacks as well but Moore will be the most productive pure DE.
They could be great in the future. But what kind of instant impact can a low round rookie make on a team that has basically a 1 year(2 at best) window to win a superbowl? I really think it was win now last year. And now that they didnt make it the picture is being drawn up a bit different. Preparing for life after manning. When manning was acquired I estimated he had 2 good years of football left before you see a considerable drop in production/retirement. If they were truly in win now they wouldve kept dumervil.
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