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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I guarantee neither of those players get 60+ 8+ their rookie year. No way. Ain't gonna happen. Sorry. maybe down the road they could but not in the present. Manning isnt going to be here down the road though. Doesnt have time to wait for players to develop. It's time to face the fact we are going to be weaker at dumervils position the next year or 2. Just the way it is with the FA market being weak at that position.
Moore and Jones are going to do very well in the pros and pretty well in their rookie years. too much is put in their workouts, they were never "freak" athletes, they play fairly fast on tape but IMO Moore will be the best pure DE pass rusher from this draft. a few of the tweener LB/DE types will get a ton of sacks as well but Moore will be the most productive pure DE.
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