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1. Damontre Moore is only 20, and had 85 tackles, and 12.5 sacks.
2. Cornelius Carradine had 80 tackles, and 11 sacks in a shortened season (due to injury), he's got prototypical size and athleticism at DE (though he's now 24).

Those are two guys right there that Denver would not hesitate to pull the trigger on at #28. Neither would present a drop-off from Dumervil. Both have the talent for 60+ tackles, and 8+ sacks perennially in the NFL.
I guarantee neither of those players get 60+ 8+ their rookie year. No way. Ain't gonna happen. Sorry. maybe down the road they could but not in the present. Manning isnt going to be here down the road though. Doesnt have time to wait for players to develop. It's time to face the fact we are going to be weaker at dumervils position the next year or 2. Just the way it is with the FA market being weak at that position.
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