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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Well, the guys who actually attacked america and other countries, instead of just using words like the best ever commander ever were from that region. Oh yeah, and they have oil the last time I checked. They were an immediate threat to world peace and commerce.

The NK's are a proud and rascist people who believe they should be at the center of the world, even though they never have been or will be. They are led by sociopaths with no balls but plenty of bluster. I bet the fat guy has never had to do a 5 mile march with a rucksack, but man is he ready to go to war!

They believe they would rather wipe out a whole people, than not be in control. True Sociopathy at a nation state level. However, they are not capable of doing a lot of what they say, and certainly don't want to actually die trying. Freaking nightmare, but at least they are weak minded....
when did Iraq attack America? Or am I misreading this.
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