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Malik Jackson

I spent some months on that DMZ living in the caves and tunnels. I remember we had a pep talk from some general who told us that if the NK attacked we would have 90% casualties. The other 10% would be on leave.

I think he was trying to inspire us.

Anyway, our guys probably wouldn't make it back over the Imjin River. There are massive artillery batteries lined up behind both sides of that border. I don't know how quickly we could gain air superiority. I imagine, for the majority of the troops up there, it would be their first combat. Then, you have to wonder what China would do. They have the largest army on Earth. You always have to wonder if this isn't their puppet following their orders. Let's hope this is just the same old talk from the same old crazies.

I would hate to die in a ****ing tunnel.
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