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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Those guys are copying exactly what I have been trying to hammer home on the Mane (to no avail).

Let me reiterate:
1. Terrance Knighton was a waste of money. Neither Knighton, nor Vickerson can collapse the pocket.
2. Wolfe is playing out of position (and is better used inside for his ability to collapse the pocket).

This draft is chock full of strongside DE's (almost too many to count). Datone Jones, Alex Okafor, Tank Carradine, Margus Hunt, etc. The Broncos would have been better served to keep Dumervil, draft a strongside DE, and move Wolfe inside.

1. Not only would you keep your Pro Bowl DE (Dumervil)
2. You would also add pass-rush presence to the inside permanently (with Wolfe at UT)
3. And you would add a quicker player (than Wolfe) at DE, who could pass-rush from the outside (Wolfe can't)

The Broncos DL would be near-unstoppable with Dumervil, Wolfe, Vickerson, Margus Hunt (or other), and Von Miller. It seems both Peyton Manning and JDR have WAY too much input on personnel decisions...and it is to the detriment of the team. I don't think Dumervil would have been cut, if Manning wasn't trying to openly court Freeney a month ago.
Good points. Also, your probably right about Manning courting Freeney, that is about when the talk of getting Doom to restructure started. Until then, nobody was talking about a need to restructure or cut Doom, that kind of came out of left field.

I think that people trying to talk themselves into a rookie or..choke...Beal as adeqaute replacements are fooling themselves. Much tougher to get a good pass rush against the LT. Hopefully we can be creative with blitz packages to make up for some of that, but I don't recall doing much blitzing last year.
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