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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Next years QB draft class is gonna be filled with elite, big time NFL calibur talent.
Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech- Dude is 6'6 260 and has a cannon. An even bigger Cam Newton clone.
Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia- Just plain ol good. Kind of a bigger Drew Brees.
Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville - Kid is gonna be a superstar. Just oooozes with big time, NFL talent. This kid could make an even bigger impact as a rookie than both RG3 and Tyler Wilson.
Tyler Bray- Another 6'6, big armed passer.

And Chokeland trades away even more of what they already are in short supply of for a back-up.
Thomas is a choke artist, if he hadn't ****ted the bed this year he'd have a clear path to #1 with his talent.

Bray declared this year. i think he ends up as a franchise QB if he gets taken by a franchise that will reign him in. that son of a gun has a lot of Cutler in him, both good and bad.
if we didn't have Brock i'd be pushing for him or Glennon in the 2nd or 3rd.

Murray and Bridgewater are good, could end up duking it out for the first QB drafted next year.
but the Raiders are rebuilding from the Palmer trade fiasco and McKenzie is trying to stay employed. you don't do that by relying on Pryor to be your QB competition for a QB draftee.
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