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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Just checked your correct but he still rode the bench as a first round pick and didn't get to a somewhat better QB until the talent level around him improved drastically..............

Try calling BS on that..............and he is going right back to mediocre talent in KC..........I give him two years in any other town, KC will keep him around for 3-4 then leave like Cassell did.

Anyone thinking Alex Smith just all at once threw a switch after years of mediocrity doesn't understand football .

So...Brady or either Manning would have had similar success to what they currently have if they had 3 headcoaches and 5 OC changes in a 5 year span?

I am not saying Smith is Brady or Manning or Manning, but to say "he sucks" because of how his career started is not being fair to the guy. He is not a bad QB. He is not a great QB. And for KC at the moment that's enough.

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