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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Brit is a fully brainwashed American. He swallows the BS rationalization about Russian dirty money.

Sure some of the Cyprus money being "taxed" (stolen) is dirty -- but this does not justify the seizures -- which let us remember are not the result of any criminal convictions -- but are being done with no due process -- in a wholly arbitrary manner.

It's theft pure and simple.


You obviously know nothing about banking, other than the epithet 'banksters.'

Bailing out Cyprus, before it went into default required bailing out the OFFSHORE BANKS. You know, the place where the mega wealthy hide their money to avoid taxes. This is a 'FIRST.'

In order to do so, the smaller depositors were 'insured' by the EuroZone. Otherwise, the vast majority of Cypriots would have been wiped out and the islands economy tanked so badly, they would have been forced out of the Eurozone. Both events may still happen eventually.

In the meantime, the 'people' who's 'side' you claim, unconvincingly, to be on will get their money because it is now insured. Only those who used the bank to avoid taxes, launder money or went for high risk, high yield returns will be affected.

The exclusion of pretty much every Cypriot  those with under 100,000 euros in cash deposits  from confiscation has at least saved many people from disaster.
You continue to make stupid statements because you're to lazy/stupid to learn the facts. No matter how well documented.

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