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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
That makes zero sense. If he was part of a plot to sucker Denver into paying him the $12 million, then his obvious goal was to get the maximum amount of dollars possible. That means he would have accepted the Broncos better offer later on. The fact that he took the Ravens lesser offer suggests that he was basing his decision off hurt feelings and ego rather than duplicitous greed.
If you're buying the notion that his agent was the only one who made mistakes in the kinkos/faxsnafu, that's fine. I think the agent did what he was told to do. And I believe Dumervil's head had swelled to the point that he felt it was a "slight" for the team to even approach him about his contract. Realistic people knew they were going to... and that it was nothing more than a business thing. And we're in agreement that the problem was overblown ego and hurt feelings. 'Cause Dumervil obviously took a business decision personally.

I just don't like how it went down... and have always resented any former Bronco who trashed the team to the media on his way out of town; regardless of whether it was Brister or Romanowski or Plummer or Kennison.... or now Dumervil. Makes 'em "dead-to-me".
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