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Mayhem Miller

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I hope you were referring to top 3 as in he would be one of the 3 best RB's to come out. Not as in, he would have been the 3rd overall pick, because that would be complete BS.

Sure there's interest. I guess some on here have said he's much further along in his rehab them most thought and that he could probably contribute mid season. For me it would depend on if the Broncos moved down out of the 1st and were able to pick up say a late round 2nd pick. I would be more accepting of the Broncos using a late 2nd pick on him if they had still yet another 2nd round pick to use on DL. If you could land him in the 3rd great. I know there was talk about him possibly sliding to the 4th but since he's so far along I really doubt that happens now.
yes, at runningback. I'd prefer a stud DT to be on record.
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