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Orange Julius

Who are you going to take off the field on third and passing downs. We played the Nickel something like 55% of the time last year. So on the majority of our plays he wouldn't be on the field... Unless you think he would get on the field in front of the two LBs that played in the Nickel last year (Von and WWIII).
I like Teo, I just don't think he would play enough.

Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Once again, i'm neutral on Te'o at pick #28, but people keep bringing up the fact that he can't be a three down LB which just seems silly.

If you can stomach the clear marketing ploy (by whomever is poushing Te'o), watch this highlight video which is almost exclusively of his interceptions in zone coverage last season. Keep in mind, many of these QB's throwing the INT's will be on an NFL roster next season.

The music is ghey, and the first minute or two is junk -be forewarned!

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