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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I could also see the Broncos going TE also though. Elway may have plan to build an unstoppable passing game. Shore up oline, hof QB, HOF slot wr, a stud young wr, a very good 2nd young wr already in place. You add a TE that requires defenses to assign a great player to cover him and this offense could be unstoppable. How would you give a safety to help against DT, and still then cover Welker, Decker and a stud TE. Manning would have a great player 1 on 1 whenever he wanted.
The problem with going TE is that you can't get those guys on the field. In a passing situation you are not going to take Decker, Thomas or Welker off for a rookie tight end and Manning is comfortable with Tamme as an outlet, so unless you go empty backfield to get an extra TE on there and have 5 people run routes leaving minimal protection there is just no way to get value. In a running situation there is really not much reason to spend a 1st rounder on a guy who is only going to be used to block in heavy sets.
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