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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
It's business folks, I don't understand why the hatred. Dumervil took a job that he felt was better for himself and his family. I have turned down jobs that offered for more monies because I didn't feel about the situation or workplace so I hard for me to bash Doom for doing something similar.
Hey, if he'd said... from the moment contract negotiations started... that he didn't want to take a pay cut and wanted to go elsewhere when (not "if"; everyone knew that $12 mil contract was gonna be re-evaluated) he was asked to "take one for the team", I'd have zero problem with that. He's not irreplaceable... there was no danger that the team would consider applying the franchise tag to him rather than Clady. I have absolutely no issue with a player wanting to maximize his income whenever he can (player careers can be jeopardized or even ended on any given "down"); however, I believe he owed a bit of candor and honesty in his dealings with the team.

No, a replacement won't be as good as Dumervil was. But whoever he is, he won't be expecting a $12 million payday as "his due" either.
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