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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Durango View Post
Agreed. Everybody can claim the guy isn't a net loss, he's an a**hole and all the other disparaging things sure to come from fans that feel betrayed, but his absence represents a downgrade for our pass rush. Ayers isn't going to scare anybody.

I have faith in our scouts, coaches and the Elway-led draft room to find a guy that can replace Dumervil, but our priorities could've been a RB or MLB instead of a high pick for a pass rush specialist. Damit.
From my perspective as a Broncos fan... Dumervil could have gotten away with a lot of things. But putting himself and his ego above the team... being willing to try to pull a fast one in an effort to avoid a pay cut; scapegoating his agent in a strange attempt to shift the blame for something he clearly was orchestrating himself; wasting time dragging out the announcement of his decision; going to a rival AFC team for less $; and jumping on the media circuit to trash his former team.... all of those things are pretty much "not-the-actions-of-a-true-team-player"; they're what you'd expect from an egocentric flavor clown.

I'm just glad that Elway had the foresight to do what had to be done (set a deadline and cut his ass when he missed it). Dumervil isn't worth $12 mil this year and he's delusional if he genuinely believes he is.

Out of wounded pride, Dumervil set out to do damage to the team we all love... and he did it. He deserves every iota of criticism that comes his way. And if he thinks his new team isn't taking note of his actions on his way out of Denver, he'd best think again. The Ravens (front office/management) have to know they're gonna need to be able to negotiate salaries/cap numbers in the near future due to Flacco's contract. They aren't gonna trust Dumervil any more than Elway did.
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