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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
If we honestly looked at the effects of alcohol and had the character as a society to be intellectually consistent, we would outlaw that as well. And yet we accept alcohol, and all its societal damage, while pretending that drugs are different.
I think the main reason the feds stay away is because to get weed off all the international drug laws we have signed may not be so easy as just doing it unilaterally. Sure we could scrap them and say we do what we want but then we would lose a lot of deals we have with South American countries.

So to do it the USA would probably have to sit down with other countries and talk about the drug war. People in Colombia want to stop fighting it so hard also. They say why should we care most of the coke goes to the USA. Cheap cocaine and a new wave of coke being in is not what Obama or any president wants. So it may be more trouble then its worth.

Obviously the govt knows the estimates by groups like Normal of 100 billion a yr in taxes is a joke. More like 10 billion max.
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