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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Homeland Security needs 0 bullets in fact the whole mess needs to be decommissioned.

Now answer a question for me.

Why do we need Homeland Security.

Oh and if you can't confiscate the guns what is the next best thing.? You dry up the ammunition supply. How do you do that? Have DHS request a quote for a maximum of 2 BILLION BULLETS over 5 years.

Have you tried to buy a box of bullets lately? You can't.
#1, fixed your post in bold.

#2, Why aren't you putting that question to the gun nuts as well?

Perhaps if every time one of their mouth-breathing brethren shoots up a place they didn't go crazy and buy up everything they can get their hands on, there'd be more bullets to go around.

Also, you're leaving out the fact (again, or still, I can't tell) that although the RFQ was made by DHS, they plan on only using 750M of them, again, for training. The rest are being purchased by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Edit: Meh, Fed you're doing a good enough job on your own of showing baja the research he's missing. I'm going to sleep.

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