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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I wouldn't mind that. If we couldn't you could much worse than T'eo, but I'm not in love with him as a player. He fits a need and I'd trust Fox and Del Rio to get what they need out of him.

Personally, I think they are serious about letting someone on the roster right now fight it out for the spot at Mike and I think they'll pick someone less need-based.
I wonder if Elway doesn't find a way to get Urlicker to come in on the cheap just to play for a year or possibly 2. He is an upgrade from Brooking and if his knee is right could contribute while they break in Irving/Johnson/draft pick.

I just think the drama around him will be enough for John to want to pass on him. I think Urlicker needs a gig for another year or 2 to cover his child support payments to his baby mommas and if John handles it right JDR could get something out of him on running downs.
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