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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
The only people in "shock and awe" are the ignorant like you. How many time do I have to say it:

1.) They haven't bought 2 billion rounds. They have several contracts that add up to a MAXIMUM LIMIT AT A CERTAIN PRICE of that many. Do you not understand the difference?

2.) What they have contracted if over a FIVE YEAR PERIOD.

3.) Given what the DHS does (lots and lots of training), the amount of ammo in the RFQ is quite reasonable.

In other words, the DHS has negotiated a bulk rate on ammo for 5 years, with a maximum limit to the number of rounds that they can buy at that rate. They have not actually bought that much ammo.

You have to be pretty GD daft to not understand that.

Again: Based on your reasoning, how many rounds do they actually need? Why won't you answer such a simple question?
Homeland Security needs 0 bullets in fact the whole mess needs to be decommissioned.

Now answer a question for me.

Why do we need Homeland Security.

Oh and if you can't confiscate the guns what is the next best thing.? You dry up the ammunition supply. How do you do that? Have DHS put in a requisition for 2 BILLION BULLETS.

Have you tried to buy a box of bullets lately? You can't.
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