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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
minter struggled mightily against bama too.
fair enough, like I said I may be ok with Minter at 28 but I really think that the value of the ILBers, outside maybe Ogletree, is in the 2-4th rounds. Arthur Brown seems to be the hot prospect now so he may go before Minter. However, if both Minter and Teo are sitting at 28 and the Broncos take one, I'd prefer Minter.

I think one reason I'm disappointed with Te'o is because he was hyped so much. He was like the next great ILBer and then the off field stuff happened along with the poor game against Bama. Minter on the other hand never got the hype Te'o got so perhaps this is another reason I'm not judging Minter as harshly when it comes to the Bama games. I know the first game of the season between LSU and Bama was a very close game and I think Minter did ok, not great, but ok in that game. Of course the SEC championship game was different.
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