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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Just as a side question.

How many collegiate defensive players looked good against Alabama this year? It's a pretty short list. We all know from painful Bronco history that when your defensive line can't win the battle at the line, the linebackers are always exposed. Linebackers will only perform to their potential when the line battle is at least neutral.

I'm not pimping Teo, but stop judging him by his appearance against Alabama. The whole Irish defense got butt-raped by one of the best (and largest) O-lines in college.

If you find a game where his d-line was performing well, then he sucked, it would be an issue. I'm just not hearing that argument from anyone.
LSU played Bama pretty tight in the regular season and I think it was Texas A&M who beat Bama in the regular season. But Bama was dominant in the SEC title game and the Bowl game.

As for Teo, I just don't think he's a good pick at 28. I think Minter may be a good pick there, but not Te'o. For me, if Te'o wanted to convince me he's a first round talent after his fake girlfriend fiasco and his lousy Bama performance, he had to light up the combine, separate himself from the pack so to speak. He didn't.
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