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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Giving you another chance Baja: How much ammunition does the DHS need for a year?

Think for yourself. Engage your brain. It's a matter of grade school level reasoning and math -- nothing fancy.

Linking to videos is not thinking for yourself. It's entirely the opposite of thinking for yourself. So: will you think for yourself?
How can I ever thank you for this gracious EXTRA chance. YOU ARE TRULY A KIND AND HUMBLE MAN.

let's see, the entire US force during the height of the Iraq war used 6,000,000 rounds a month so if the DHS finds itself in a war they will have enough bullets to fight on for 28 years

and if you think this is for target practice why hollow point rounds which was a large part of the purchase. They cost twice as much as steel jacket rounds so there goes the money saving argument.

BTW hollow point rounds are outlawed for use in war by global agreement. so what ever will the DHS use them for?
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