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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Give me a break. Lacy is another big school player rated high due to his college team. Lacy is just this years Mark Ingram. Has mediocrity written all over him. And pre-injury I'd agree with you about Lattimore, but when it has been mentioned he never fully came back from the first injury why is he being touted so much after a 2nd much worse injury
Sorry I didn't know Michigan State was a small time college. Lacy is faster and has about 5000 less touches then Bell coming out of college as well. As for saying Lattimore never fully came back from his pre injury is just silly. He tore his left knee up on October 15 of 2011 and was back playing football again just 10 months later. Was he 100% maybe not yet he still rushed 23 times for 110 yards and 2 scores. Later on that season he carried the ball 24 times vs a very good Georgia D for 109 yards and a score. He tore his right knee on October 27. Our first game won't be till 9/08/13. That is more then enough time for him to be back. Denver could easily ease him into the start of the season and have him ready to carry the bulk of the carries by mid season.
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